ASE Certified Owner

ase certified owner tang in

Tang In is ASE certified.

ASE stands for the US National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.  Tang In showed the proficiency and acquired the 2 years of experience needed to take a test for certification in his area of expertise.  He became ASE certified in general repairs for foreign and domestic automobiles.  When you see the sign out in front of his business, rest assured he is competent to care for your vehicle.

Tang’s History

Tang In is the owner of Car Tunist located in San Diego, California, and his shop has been in operation since 1997.  Coupled with his hands-on job skills, he is only a few classes from obtaining an Associate’s degree in Complete Automotive.   He has been repairing cars since 1986, which indicates his many years experience in the car repair industry.  He continually strives to keep up to date in the field to serve his customers.

Business Ethics

Known to his customers as Tang, he serves people every day from all lifestyles.  His soft-spoken demeanor and easygoing personality make it easy to do business with him.  Tang likes to give his customers the opportunity to buy new or used parts for their vehicle repairs.  He understands the value of your money, and he will make his best efforts to help you save where he can.  He focuses on honesty and hard work to be the determining factor in the success of his business, and he has maintained that formula since its conception.

How Tang got Into the Industry

Years ago before Tang knew how to fix cars, he would bring his vehicle into a shop like anyone else who has car troubles.  Since he did not know anything about car repairs, mechanics from various shops would take terrible advantage of him.  That is when he decided to start learning the basics.  He would take a class here and there, and as time went on, he developed the interest in repairing cars for a living.

Tang understands the hurt and frustration that comes from lies told by mechanics who just want your money.  Since he has experienced this himself, it is easy for him to empathize with his customers and treat them properly.

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